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Shewing the fly: the inevitable highlight reel

I’m not likely to be back blogging anytime soon. But there was a simpler time before I had a respectable number of readers, and I thought it would be a good idea to collect all my favourite posts in one place, for the sake of posterity, my own future reference and the outside chance that you may find it interesting. I really hope that you enjoy reading as much as I did writing.

Assorted economics 

Why Goldfinger’s plan wouldn’t have worked

My pet theory of capitalism

Thinking clearly about wealth: antibiotics edition

Should the Market Monetarists and Gary Gorton be friends?

A year is an arbitrary unit of time: corporation tax edition

The burden of public debt

My four (good) posts on this debate, which raged throughout the econoblogosphere back in January, can be found hereherehere and here. If Paul Krugman or Dean Baker ever again make the claim that it’s a matter of identity that domestically-held public debt can’t be a burden to future generations, I will come out of retirement and remind them of the Epic Defeat they were dealt last time round. There aren’t many things I am sure about in this world, but this is one of them.

Financial regulation

Should we use market indicators for bank capital regulation?

We need to change the way we do financial regulation

Adventures in GDP accounting

In order:

The Williamson plan for economic prosperity

Wherein I contradict myself on GDP accounting

Barreling headfirst into confusion over GDP accounting

MV=PQ, and issues with GDP accounting

The difference between an intermediate good and a capital good

There is no fact of the matter as to what NGDP is, but that’s probably OK

Assorted philosophy

On the ideal/non-ideal distinction in political theory (or, why policy is really hard)

A puzzle about intuition

Your knowledge or your life

Justifying the state

One strand in the consequence argument for incompatibilism

Other random musings

The world as a whole cannot save for retirement

A modest proposal on climate change

Manu Tuilagi, and the injustice and capriciousness of our immigration laws

Being altruistic towards ourselves (on discounting)

Principle, not principal (on the student loan controversy in the UK)

On civility, and the purpose of the blogosphere

Asking whether ‘corporations are people’ is not a helpful question – Part 1: the incidence of corporation tax

Asking whether ‘corporations are people’ is not a helpful question  Part 2: campaign finance

The Christensen/Williamson/Roth exchange

(Lars) NGDP targeting is not a Keynesian business cycle policy

(Me) How should ‘market monetarists’ talk about monetary policy?

(Lars) Be right for the right reasons

(Me) The semantics of stimulus, and how to win friends

(Steve) Monetary or Fiscal, Discretionary or Non? Think: Automatic Stabilizers

(Lars) Roth’s Monetary and Fiscal Framework for Economic Stability

(Me) This is what progress looks like

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  1. April 12, 2012 at 12:04 pm

    Bookmarked for future reading. Sorry to see you leave blogging.

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